PITT’s Community Outreach and Charitable Giving

PITT believes in the power of giving back and supporting its community. PITT donates to several charitable programs. However, the two that are very special to PITT is Back Packs For Kids and St. Jude’s for Sick Children. PITT wants to do its part ensuring that children will have food to eat and a safe environment. PITT also believes in research to find cures for children with debilitating diseases and sicknesses. PITT has donated to:

  • Puerto Rico – Toy Drive for Children
  • Churches
  • Food Drives and Food Banks
  • Back Packs for Children

 PITT believes that our citizens, particularly children, who are less fortunate than most deserve to have full bellies, have a smile on their face and know that someone cares. PITT cares and will continue to invest in our community.

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